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The Northern Pakistan S2. EP08 | Naran to Gilgit via Babusar Top Guide | Pakistan Motorcycle Tour

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Music: Artlist: https://bit.ly/3bsuF3I (**2 months free if you use this link) Epidemic Sound: http://bit.ly/396ATGl (**1 month free if you use this li...

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Artlist: https://bit.ly/3bsuF3I (**2 months free if you use this link)
Epidemic Sound: http://bit.ly/396ATGl (**1 month free if you use this link )

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This is the 8th Episode of my Pakistan Motorcycle Tour and in this vlog, I started from Naran and rode all the way to Gilgit via the stunning Babusar Top. In this vlog, you will also see drone clips of Shugran and Siri Paye which are provided me by @Ali Ahmed (one of the best moto traveller filmmaker in Pakistan) and some shots of the Naran to Babusar top are provided me by @Being A Traveler
Northern areas of Pakistan are considered among the most beautiful due to stunning mountain vistas and natural beauty.

Map of the Route:

Songs I used in this Vlog:
start-me-up by russo Artlist
holding-back by michael-fk Artlist
out-in-the-cold by josh-leake Artlist
moon-temple by vox-portent Artlist
ngoni-intro by onyx-music Artlist
Pool Party - Dylan Sitts (Epidemic Sound)
Kyoto by Dawn - Ooyy (Epidemic Sound)
Moscow Plains - Daniel Kaede (Epidemic Sound)
The Fight (Clean Version) - Amos Noah (Epidemic Sound)
Back to the Wild - Pastis (Epidemic Sound)

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#NorthPakistan #NorthernPakistan

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